Address: Via Italica, Corfinio

Hours: Closed to the public


The monastic structure, of considerable size, is located at the left of the apse of the cathedral and diametrically opposed to the oratory. It does not however have any old structures of particular artistic importance, as it was extensively remodelled over the centuries.

Historical Notes

According to historical sources, the construction of the Bishop’s Residence of Corfinio was undertaken, simultaneously with that of the basilica of Valva, between 1052 and 1056 by Bishop Trasmondo. It could not, however, be finished as he was pursued and then imprisoned by the Norman Ugo di Malmozzetto, and he died in 1081. The work was continued by his successor Gualtiero who managed to complete it in 1124. Also from the archive documents, we know that Valva already existed as a diocese during the Lombard period, when the Bishop is mentioned in the 5th century, even if nothing is known about its original site. It is assumed, from the system of the primitive architectural complex as discerned by the oratory of St. Alexander which was then left unfinished, that the bishop might have resided in the adjacent tower, of which little more than the base section remains. Currently, though, the wing to the left of the basilica of S. Pelino is referred to as the former bishop's residence and the home to the Monastery of the Visitation. Here, a small religious community who are dedicated to a closed life have lived since 1991.